Eat, Sleep, Dream - A Holistic Package


A package for new mums, first time mums, anytime mums and exhausted mums. Being a mum is brilliant; it’s the best and most rewarding job I’ve ever had but it’s also easy to feel like you’ve lost your way and got into bad habits, whether with sleep, eating habits or behaviour, or a mixture of all of these, and, especially when sleep deprived, these habits can be hard to break and can even get in the way of your enjoyment of being a mum. This package is for you! I’m offering clear, friendly and responsive advice based on you and your family.

I’ll be there to guide you each step of the way with sleep training as a primary focus, plus support with positive behaviour reinforcement and strategies, using my expertise of 12 years as a teacher. As a teacher, I have also taught children the importance of healthy eating and activity as part of the personal, social and health curriculum. I also offer this expertise through advise on developing healthy eating plans and planning fun activities and daily routines. I have a BSc in Psychology, majoring in Child Psychology, and a PGCE teaching qualification, plus the experience of having my own two lively children, therefore I have the qualifications and skills to help you! This is a whole mum package – get your sanity back!

This plan includes:

  • An initial 15 minute phone consultation where we will discuss your child, their sleep, their eating and their behaviour and we can discuss the package together.

  • A comprehensive sleep, eating and behaviour questionnaire where you detail all aspects of your child’s sleep, routines, naps, family life, behaviour (positive and negative) and eating habits and other factors which may be affecting them. 

  • Creation of a bespoke plan based on your child, their specific needs and your family situation, as well as your preferences as a parent.

  • A 2 hour Skype, Facetime, Face-to-Face* or phone call to further discuss your child based on the questionnaire, an opportunity for you to ask any questions and where I will explain your programme in detail. 

  • Follow up phone call support; six 15 minute follow up consultations. The first will be after Night One of the plan as this is where there tends to be most to discuss. We can discuss what went well, what developments may be needed for Night Two (if any) and make any adaptations (if needed). We can also discuss their eating and general behaviour plans. I’ll effectively be your sounding board to offer a listening ear, sound advice and a system of support.

  • Follow up emails following our last phone call; six emails of further support to secure all aspects of your child’s sleep.

Optional Extras

  • Further support can be provided with single phone calls or emails or a week’s package of four extra phone calls or emails (extra fees apply – see below).

  • On-Call support up to midnight of Night One where you can contact me for support with any night wakings (extra fees apply – see below).

As part of this package, I will also provide you with information on nap transitions, how to deal with day light savings and dealing with illness and travel with young children - this will enable you to feel equipped to deal with all aspects of your child’s sleep in the long term.

See all optional extras and fees.

*Face-to-face available within 30 minutes drive from Basingstoke for an additional £30.

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