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My Crying Philosophy

I am not an advocate for the cry-it-out, shut the door for 12 hours methods and you will never see these on my plans. All aspects of my parenting advice come from the kind of parent that I try to be; encouraging, loving and supportive of all aspects of their development. I love a cuddle and am incredibly tactile with my children; teaching them to sleep independently does not mean with-holding love and cuddles; I taught both my children the joy of sleep and we have such fun (and cuddles) every day, well rested and happy!

Healthy sleep habits are hugely beneficial for all aspects of your child’s (and your own) well being. I need and love my sleep and my two children (and my husband) also thrive on a good night’s sleep. It enables us to be more active, energetic and positive and enjoy what the day has to offer. I truly believe that sleep is paramount to our well-being and I remember how I struggled before my eldest child slept well.

I have been where you are and I am passionate about helping you to support your child in developing their own independent sleep habits.

No-one likes to hear their child cry and it is always a difficult one when considering sleep training. We all, adults and children alike, can become quite fixated about our bedtime routines and changing any aspect of it can be met with some frustration, and sometime this frustration manifests itself as crying. Imagine if I took away your favourite pillow or opened the window when you were trying to get to sleep; this would be met with some frustration on your part too! Whilst I can’t promise that there won’t be any crying, I can promise that I won’t ask you to leave your child alone to cry whilst they are learning these first important steps towards being an independent sleeper.

Remember why you want them to sleep through the night: because the benefits of sound sleeping is a life skill which will promote a healthy lifestyle; in terms of diet, overall wellbeing, mood and ability to cope with life’s challenges. Read some testimonials from parents who have worked with me on my gentle plans to see what they have to say about the process.

Contact Me TODAY for a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your child's sleep and to discuss crying in more detail.

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