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This Ultimate Plan is for parents who want that little bit of extra support. I speak from experience that over-tiredness can take its toll and, as desperate as you are for your precious little one to learn independent sleeping , the thought of implementing it can be daunting (and maybe you and your partner aren’t always on the same page too; I’ve been there too!) This is for you! I can be there, taking the lead but supporting you in getting your child to sleep through the night. I will be there to help you to implement the first night time routine, and there for every night waking too.

This plan includes:

  • An initial 15 minute phone consultation where we will discuss your child and their sleep and I can detail the support I can offer you.

  • A comprehensive sleep questionnaire where you detail all aspects of your child’s sleep, routines, naps, family life and any illnesses which may be affecting their sleep.

  • Creation of a bespoke plan based on your child, their specific needs and your family situation, as well as your preferences as a parent.

  • Coming to your house to help and support you in implementing the programme. I usually arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to the onset of their bedtime routine where we can discuss the first part of the programme. We can then implement the first part of the programme together to get them to sleep. Once they are asleep in their own cot/bed (it will happen!) we can together discuss the rest of the programme and you can ask any questions. 


  • During that first night, I will be there for every night waking, and morning waking providing comprehensive support – there will be no need to question yourself or check the plans, you’ll have me right next to you!

  • I will stay until 7am the morning after and leave you equipped to deal with nap 1 (if applicable). Before I leave, we will book in our first phone call for the next stage of support.

  • Follow up phone call support; four 15 minute follow up consultations. The first will be after Night One of the plan as this is where there tends to be most to discuss. We can discuss what went well, what developments may be needed for Night Two (if any) and make any adaptations (if needed). The timings of these are to suit you and your child’s sleep. We may space them out over a week or use them all in the first two days; its all bespoke to suit you! 

  • Follow up emails following our last phone call; four emails of further support to secure all aspects of your child’s sleep.

Optional Extras

  • Further support can be provided with single phone calls or emails or a week’s package of four extra phone calls or emails (extra fees apply).

As part of this package, I will also provide you with information on nap transitions, how to deal with day light savings  and dealing with illness and travel with young children - this will enable you to feel equipped to deal with all aspects of your child’s sleep in the long term.

See all optional extras and fees.

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