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As a certified reflux consultant with 'The Baby Reflux Lady' I can carefully assess and analyse your child's symptoms, look for the root cause(s) and sign post you towards further help that you may need.

Since having a son who suffered from silent reflux, I know the every day worries and struggles of being a parent with a child who suffers from reflux. My son screamed during every feed and I remember the dread me and my husband would feel every time a feed came around, each of us begging the other one to do this feed. And I know from close friends the struggles of having a child projectile vomit after each feed and to live in fear of taking them anywhere or doing a feed anywhere other than home.


That’s why I became a certified reflux consultant with The Baby Reflux Lady. The Baby Reflux Lady is all about finding out why your child is suffering from reflux – then the solutions can be obtained and the healing can start. Whilst reflux is common, it is not normal. It doesn’t have to be this way and I would like to help you.


By gaining certification, I am able to carefully assess and analyse your child’s symptoms and look for the root cause(s), leading you to possible ways to relieve your child of their symptoms and sign post you towards further help that you may need. By working with me, you will also understand a lot more about reflux in your child and this will facilitate conversations that you can have with your doctors about medications and treatments.


Whilst my certification is not a medical qualification, it uses your observations, along with my comprehensive training, to look for the possible causes, suggest modes of support and facilitate your ability to contact the right medical professional, if necessary.

This plan includes:

  • Detailed analysis of your questionnaires based on your knowledge of your child and their symptoms to identify possible causes and solutions for your child.

  • A 30 minute call to further develop my understanding of your child and their symptoms and for you to share your feelings and observations, after all, you are the expert on your child and what you’re going through is real.

  • A video recording from me detailing my analysis of probable causes, my solutions (things you can start changing now and/or health professionals to contact to solve your child’s reflux symptoms).

  • For an additional £25, you can add one follow up call or email over the next 2 weeks.Further follow up can be discussed if needed.

Please note that whilst I am a fully certified Baby Reflux Lady, there are some cases which will go beyond my training. You will still gain valuable information from completing a package with me and will understand so much more about your child’s reflux, but, in these instances, I may suggest to refer your case on.

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