All I want for Christmas is a good night’s sleep!

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

How to deal with sleep this Christmas!

Whether you’ve got a baby who generally sleeps well, or someone who’s up with the stars, Christmas and holiday times can be a difficult time for sleep; families visiting, late night trips to sing carols, visiting markets and watching pantomimes (not to mention the extra sugary treats) can make a good nights’ sleep seem like an impossible Christmas wish.

Well, let me sprinkle some fairy dust and give you some advice on dealing with the holiday season – ‘tis the season to be jolly after all!

1) Late nights

It can be hard to ensure a 7pm bedtime every night during the holiday, especially with older children, and it can be a treat to stay up with warm milk and a Christmas film. But watch out, overtiredness (and its friend adrenaline) can make for grumpy routines, unsettled nights and early wakes! So, ensure that you balance those treat nights with some good nights’ sleep as much as possible. Also, don’t forget your bedtime routine, even for a late night.

2) Early mornings

Parents often think a later night will ensure a later morning, but unfortunately the opposite is true! The best way to get your child sleeping through to a reasonable hour is to keep to their normal bedtime. Try investing in a sleep training clock for older children in beds to promote a reasonable waking hour.

3) Families visiting/visiting families

It’s impossible to avoid families coming to visit, or going to stay with them at Christmas. And, if you’re anything like my family, we all squash ourselves in like sardines or make a ‘children’s room’ so we can continue with the party games. However, your children will be playing games of their own! But, that’s ok – it’s Christmas right!

My advice for sleep overs:

-Let it go! Get back on track when you get home (but expect more unsettled nights and early mornings in the party room!)

-Be Scrooge! My personal favourite! I tend to let my children have 30 minutes of party time in the children’s room before I take a position outside the door until they fall asleep. The other parents love me for this but its purely selfish – my little angels aren’t so full of Christmas spirit the day after a bad night!

-Put children in your bed to fall asleep and transfer them into their bed at bedtime.

-Try to keep to routines as much as possible and avoid bed-sharing if possible as this is a hard one to crack once you get home.

Wishing all of my followers, family and friends a wonderful Christmas! Eat lots, drink lots and sleep lots (hopefully!) Failing that, we can sort the sleep out together afterwards!

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