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I am now also a Certified Reflux Consultant

Certified with The Baby Reflux Lady. Carefully assessing and analysing your child’s symptoms and looking for the route cause(s)
I am also a Director of Training to over 35 sleep consultants with Baby Sleep the Night Ltd
Find out more about Training to become a Child Sleep Consultant with me and Baby Sleep the Night Ltd.

Do you find yourself constantly thinking, talking about and questioning your child's sleep?

I've been there too and my experience with helping hundreds of families, along with my teaching experience and psychology degree make me the go-to for child sleep. 

About Me

With a degree in Psychology, twelve years teaching experience, a qualification in Child Sleep Consultancy and now a  certification in baby reflux, I really am the best person to help you to get your child to sleep!

My first passion is being a mum; the best job in the world! I have a 6 year old daughter, a 4 year old son and a 18 month old little girl and they really do bring such joy and love in my life! They continue to surprise and teach me each day and our days are full of activity and laughter. I also live with my husband and our two cats just outside Basingstoke.


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Featured Packages


My most popular package which consists of a bespoke sleep plan and up to 2 weeks of support.

For newborn children (or earlier) to get your child onto the right track to gently learn self soothing strategies.

This package is for previous clients who need a little help to get back on track after illnesses, holidays or regressions. 


I cannot thank or recommend Phillippa enough! With her gentle approach to sleep training, and her dedication and support throughout the process, our baby Leo is finally sleeping through and napping better than I could ever have thought possible just a few weeks ago. Phillippa always offered a bespoke response depending on how Leo was reacting - adapting to all the changes - and it was reassuring that a generic approach wasn’t just being applied. After six months of sleep deprivation, it feels like a miracle and we are all so much happier as a family! Thank you again!

Danielle, Mum of 6 month old Leo


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